Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures

Capital House provides the engineering interface between the composite and general construction industries. Bringing composites to the built environment and beyond...

By exploiting attributes of FRP and harnessing the skills and technologies of competent manufactures, we have been able to design major structures both in Australia and overseas.

Our experience in both infrastructure and buildings extends to a broad range of applications and materials, often yielding significant commercial advantage.

  • Convergence Perth Stadium Sculpture

  • Convergence Sculpture Perth Stadium - 0m26s

  • Philippines Pavilion

  • Mt Banahaw Pavilion, The Philippines - 0m37s

  • Mini Bridges - Tweed Trail - FRP Composite Bridges

  • Kenwick Railway Station Monocoque FRP Canopy

  • Ascalon St George

  • Australian Institute of Management Canopy

  • Karratha Sun Shades

  • Gosnells Centennial Pioneer Park

  • Rhodes Town Square

  • TAFE Maritime Shade Structures

  • Sydney Cloud Arch Sculpture by Jun'ya Ishigami (Alternative structural solution) - 0m31s

  • Wembley Golf Course Canopy

  • Wembley Golf Course Canopy - 1m16s

  • SJOGH Sculpture Elevacion

  • Cygna Sculpture

  • Cape Naturalist College Sculpture

  • City Beach Residential College Sculpture

  • Margaret River High School Sculpture

  • Perth Station Information Booths

  • Avatar Meher Baba Composite Roof

  • Shade Structures Low Cost City of Perth

  • Flat Pack Bridges

  • Flat Pack Bridges - 1m01s

  • Mini Bridges

  • Mini Bridges - 0m37s

  • Heirisson Island Footbridge

  • Kings Park Link Bridge

  • Marina Shelter

  • Cyclonic Parasol Roof

  • Railway Station FRP Shells

  • Information Kiosk Translucent Composite Tower